Helping change lives through user-centred design for British Heart Foundation’s compete website redevelopment.

The British Heart Foundation is one of the UK’s largest charities. With revenues in excess of £200m, the BHF wanted to drive their website as central to their fundraising and support. It was found that charity’s main business units, fundraising, events and education were working independently of each other, resulting in very little user engagement. The site needed a complete change, making the user central to the site and integrating the charity into a common system.

Requirements Capture

An extensive requirements analysis exercise was performed to identify what both users and the charity really needed in a website. This involved interviewing key stakeholder representatives, donors, healthcare professionals, event participants and patients, to establish what was the best way to support them and to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Improved User Journey

Based on the requirements specification, a complete Information Architecture was wireframes was developed for the new website, complemented by functional specification and use cases.

Through analysing user and stakeholder requirements, the site was completely redesigned to incorporate vital improvements that were key to the charity’s success:

  • New Publications system – Development of an improved, user-centric search, download and purchase of publications. A bespoke weighted meta-data search algorithm was designed by us to maximise relevant search hits.
  • Events registration and sponsorship – An enhanced events search and registration system to allow users to quickly find and enter events.
  • Common Cart system – A common, extensible and secure shopping basket to process publication orders, donations, event registrations and donations in a consistent user interface.


With the new site that was far more user focused, engagement and confidence in the site improved immediately after launch. In the first 12 months, the website experienced a 3000% increase in publications user up-take and £12m revenue generated through the cart system.

  • User-centred Design

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframing

  • Requirements Specification


British Heart Foundation


Identify website problems on the site and lack of user uptake, and to provide a consistent user journey for the numerous ways to donate and purchase.

Tools and methods

Extensive research through stakeholder and user interviews, web and business analysis. Information Architecture, Wireframing and Prototyping was designed around the user, integrating persona and business requirements.


The BHF website was completely redeveloped to be more user centric and integrated across the charity’s business units. £12m+ online revenues and a 3000% usage increase in within 12 months.